SciTS 2020 Conference Planning Committee

Conference Chair
Christine Ogilvie Hendren, Duke University

Conference Co-Chair
Kristine Glauber, Duke University

Conference Marketing and Communications Director
Ben Miller, Duke University

Conference Planning Members

A special thank you to this year’s planning committee members – many of whom planned not one but two conferences, some of whom swooped in to enable our last minute pivot to a virtual experience, and all of whom innovated and worked together with excellence, generosity, and resilience.

Heather Billings, Mayo Clinic
Steve Crowley, Boise State University
Karen Demby, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Debbie DiazGranados, Virginia Commonwealth University
Chris Erlien, Duke University
Steve Fiore, University of Central Florida
Deborah Jackson, Duke University
Patricia Jones, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences
Julie Thompson Klein, Wayne State University and ETH-Zurich
Madeline Liddicoat, Duke University
Anne Heberger Marino, Lean-To Collaborations, LLC
Wayne McCormack, University of Florida
Kristianna Pettibone, US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Betsy Rolland, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dayan Ranwala, Medical University of South Carolina
Terri Taylor, Duke University
Amalia Turner, Duke University
Stephanie Vasko, Michigan State University
Fruma Yehiely, Northwestern University