Science of Team Science 2019 Award Winners

Team Contribution to Team Science

Pip Beakman, Rachel Chown, Sarah George, Benjamin Green, Ruth Norris, Claire Smith, and Charlotte Stockton-Powdrell, University of Manchester/Manchester Cancer Research Centre (UK)

Community Awards for Outstanding Poster

Sorida Garcia (Purdue University) for Engagement Models of Science Communication:  Working Tools for Team Researchers at the Micro Level

Hannah Love (Colorado State University) for Successful Process Evaluation Provides Insights into Team Development and Goal Alignment

Marisa Richter and Archer Ward (Boise State University) for The Economics of Collaboration at a Regional University

Lacee Pappas, Spencer JaQuay and Sara O’Connor (University of California, Irvine) for Accelerating Science, and Ecological Approach


Awards for Presentation Excellence

Benjamin Green (Manchester University) It’s not all fun and games: Building multiplayer worlds to explore, learn and expand

Susan Mohammed (Penn State University) for Explorations of Temporal Diversity, Temporal Conflict and Temporal Leadership

Sarah Hohl (University of Washington, Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center) for Innovation Happens at the Intersections of Disciplines. Transdisciplinary

Research Outcomes Based on the Transdisciplinary Research on Energetics and Cancer (TREC) II Initiative Experience.

Jennifer Carrera (Michigan State University), Adopting a Community Science Model of Team Science for Addressing Environmental Inequities